Exercise Physiology, Northern Beaches

Totally individualised for excellent results.

For many – Exercise Physiology is an unfamiliar term – the most common question is to ask if I am a physiotherapist.  That is ok – I love to tell people about exercise physiology and how fantastic it is. So welcome!

Just as a Doctor will prescribe a pill, I will prescribe exercise at the right intensity, frequency, type and no of times according to the health conditions needing to be addressed. I not only prescribe exercise, but I also look at the big picture, to help you in your journey back to where you want to be. Exercise physiology is all about evidence based practice – but our bodies are complex and sometimes – you need to look at the bigger picture.

See this awesome testimonial – this really is exercise physiology at work –

The first person to finally fix my back pain after seeing GPs, four different physiotherapists, two chiropractors, a musculo-skeletal physician and a spinal surgeon.

Sue has a very down to earth, scientific, practical approach and, in my case, a prescribed exercise program and massage have finally allowed me to live without pain. I’ve been able to stop the painkillers and enjoy my children, husband and life again. I am so glad I found Sue and am forever indebted to her! I highly recommend Sue.

As an exercise physiologist – I will take a lot of time – looking at the whole of you. If you come in for back pain – I will be looking at your ankles and your knees as well as your back.

I am an  accredited in Exercise Physiology and Sport Science and have over 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry.

I hold a BA in Exercise and Sport Science and a Masters in Clinical Exercise physiology (Rehabilitation)  and whilst I have a broad scope of practice, my specialties are:

  • Chronic back pain – pre/post surgery or surgery prevention
  • Knee pain – pre/post surgery or surgery prevention
  • Osteoporosis and arthritis
  • Seniors balance and bone programs
  • Children with mobility problems

I am registered with Medicare, NDIS, DVA, Work Cover and health fund providers. Please click link below for Health fund details.

Call me on 0433 151795 or use the contact form.

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