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2017-08-10 18.19.56Exercise Physiology is tightly woven through my day, not just my work day, but at  home too.  I am very proud to say that I practice exactly what I preach.

Two of my three sons have renal nephritis, a condition one was born with and the other developed within the first year of his life. Hospitals have been an intricate part of our lives for 19 years and will continue to be for our boys as their condition is managed as they move into adulthood.

Exercise has made the most incredible difference to the quality of life of our family. Before I made the link our two older boys were plagued with regular emergency trips to the hospital. Exercise has helped us to help them manage their condition and give them a practically normal life. They will need to ensure they look after themselves all through their lives.

When I talk about exercise I am talking about prescribed exercise – there is no such thing as one program suits all and for many conditions you have to make sure you are doing the indicated exercise to get the benefit.

We are all regular gym attendee’s and what exercise does is give us all the best possible chance of managing current conditions and giving us the best chance of preventing others.

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