Chronic pain

People will often come to me once they can no longer cope with the constraints that the pain places on them and the reality that they can no longer do things they used to do. Often they have got to the point where they are limited in the activities that they can do.

The way I approach your chronic lower back pain is different. I take a graded and very structured and evidence based approach. At your first consult, and after a detailed assessment, some gentle soft tissue pain relief, I will then give you a program of a few key exercises to do at  home.  Once you have managed to reduce your pain – its onto the next stage and so on. As everyone’s journey is different, I don’t have set gaps between your appointments – it really depends on you.

Each program is a tool to help you manage your back pain long term.

If you really want to get on top of your pain and have tried all sorts – please contact me on 0433 151795 or you can book online at:

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