Obesity and overweight in children

I have worked with overweight children for many years. It is never an easy process as being overweight is far more than just carrying more weight than is healthy. It impacts on every aspect of a child’s life and that of their family.

The statistics for overweight and obesity in Australia are frightening and must not just stand by and watch it happening.

Having been through the process many times with young children (under 12), I believe the best way to overcome this problem is to prevent it from happening. Food is very different today, often what we eat is no where close to its natural state. It is dense in calories and light on nutrition, portion sizes are bigger and processed food is full of fats, salt, sugar and preservatives. If overweight or obesity is already a problem, act now, it will not just go away if you ignore it.

Our bodies have not yet evolved to cope with the changing diets and they simply can’t process it all. As parents we need to   make a conscious decision to ensure out kids get out more, eat more whole natural foods and drink water rather than juices or soft drinks.



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