The reasons we love holidays.

Kids Exercise runs outdoor active, fun holiday programs in Forestville,  and we just love them.  Our staff are experienced and passionate about what they do and each and every holidays we make some magic for each and every child who spends time with us.

The holidays are an intense time for me in particular. A massive amount of fun is had, but I really feel the responsibility of having other peoples children in my care, something that I and my staff take very seriously.  We also take having fun very seriously, so we ensure that every single child who comes to our program has the best day of their holidays. I have the most fantastic staff, all whom have worked with me for a long time, and I know they too feel the same responsibility.

The best part of our program is handing back tired, grubby children who have had more fun than they could ever have expected. The holiday program is all about us making a program to suit the children in our care on any day, as opposed to having a set program and making the kids fit the program.

There is nothing like being outside, it gives you a real feeling of freedom and it is very grounding. Having put pedometers on children this holidays, I was keen how many steps they were doing.

We keep a lot of stats while the program is going. The kids love to be involved in creating them and the results are a lot of fun. We split the kids each day, the older kids in the average number of steps for the sports group is around 7.8km and for the younger games group it is just over 6.2km. This emphasises the variety our program has and that your children will have a really fun and healthy day with us.

Reasons we love the holidays:

  1. 81 hours of full on fun
  2. 1000 water bottle refills
  3. 6 Litres of sunscreen used
  4. over 800 paper airplanes made
  5. Older group covers: around75.2km over 10 days
  6. 1000’s of bedo creations
  7. can’t count the number of iceblocks for hot days
  8. millions of buckets of water for water games to keep us cool
  9. Younger group coveres: around 59.8km over 10 days
  10. ten full days and not one the same

We are lucky to have indoor and outdoor facilities, so your child will have fun rain, hail or shine.

I look forward to seeing you and your child in January.

I hope Christmas is relaxed and happy for you and your family.



Kids Exercise

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