My crazy life as a student mum

A juggling act
A juggling act

My life as a Student Mum

I am always amazed at how many Mums are studying and a whole variety of subjects too. Isn’t your brain meant to vacate your scull after having children? I was never a great student, I always wanted to be outside playing sport, but my brain seems to be ready for new and exciting information.

Bad Timing?

Towards the end of 2011 I decided it was time to go back to University again. The fact I started my business ( when my third child was 6 months old, meant that timing was never quite my strong point, so why should I not go to University whilst working full time and having 3 young kids and one husband? I have all the qualifications I need for my kids exercise business, but I had this strong need to know more, I felt hungry to learn well outside the box of what my business requires and I want to be able to offer my young clients the best.

I got a place!

I was surprised to find I was accepted onto my degree of choice and now at the end of 2012, I have just about completed my first year of Exercise and Sport Science through Central Queensland University. I actually never dreamt that I would get through my first semester – let alone a whole year. I have had exams, assignments and have had residential school at Rockhampton (my secret health resort).

My secret health resort

I love my trips to Rockhampton, I love my husband and 3 boys, but in Rockhampton, I stay in halls of residence where there is a magic room where meals just arrive and a hole in the wall to push dirty dishes.  I have become wise enough not to ask where the dirty stuff goes, I am just happy not having to deal with them myself! The only person I have to dress is myself and all I have to think about is which gym or laboratory I have to be in.

How good is your juggling?

It has to be said, being a studying mum, requires a lot of extra juggling. There are online quizzes, case studies and despite being a Flex student, I have found that Universities are not so flexible, when trying to defer exams or get extensions for assignments.

Who’s homework is more important?

There are times where I have to decide who’s homework is more important mine or one of my boys. Sometimes it is mine that wins. Before exams, I have to close myself away to study, which the boys find rather amusing. Despite thinking I am a better student now than ever before, does not mean I don’t get very nervous before exams!

So, Why is it good to study as a mum

  1. Gets the brain cells working again
  2. Gives you some you time
  3. You feel younger than you are
  4. You get a student card for cheap travel and a whole host of other things
  5. Good role model for your kids

My degree is 3 years full time, and I don’t want it to take longer than that, I am not old, yet, but I am not a spring chicken either. I am loving the content, but do at times find the going tough, but I have learnt to stand back and have a good hearty laugh at what I am trying to do.

If you too are a mum who is studying, let me know how you manage the juggle and how you get through it.




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