Joint hyper mobility

Hyper mobile Ehler’s Danlos (EDS) syndrome is a severe form of hyper mobility. The ligaments have increased laxity or slack which results in joints being able to move beyond what is deemed normal range. Frequent dislocation, pain, fatigue and also reduced quality of life are common.

I work with people with hyper mobility across the spectrum. There are those with a single or few joints with generalised hyper mobility and those with EDS who severe laxity which is measured on the Beighton Scale. The ability to strengthen is a problem but it can be done – but it does take longer. The best protection for joints is strength. The key is to strengthen all the muscles involved in the individual joint as well as whole body strengthening.

I have witnessed first hand the negative effects of hyper mobility and have had a lot of success and positive results. Its more of a marathon than a sprint, but it is possible.

If you know someone affected by hyper mobility, frequent joint dislocations and the pain and fatigue associated with it. Please make contact.

0433 151795

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